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Smart Card System

City Bus Service with support from the Royal Government of Bhutan has ordered 27 new buses that will come fully equipped with IT systems like smart card, GPS and command center.

For Students
For Disabilities
For Senior Citizens
For Regular

Benefits of using smart card:

  1. Cashless
  2. Convenient
  3. Minimising waste
  4. Data based to keep record of your spendings on travel. 

There are four categories of smart cards to best suit our commuters:

  1. Smart card for  Senior Citizen: 10% discount is awarded on this card.
  2. Smart card for  Student: 30% discount is awarded on the student cards to support them in using bus services.
  3. Smart card for   Person with disabilities: 20% discount is awarded to all persons with disabilities. 
  4. Smart card for  Regular commuters: This card is for regular commuters and no discount of any sort is alloted on this card. 

The smart card system will enable the operator to get exact data of the number of commuters from each location which can be used for further improvement of service in those areas required. With the system, the buses can be tracked online enabling our valued commuters to plan their trip accordingly and also for the office to keep strict vigilance for the safety of our commuters.